yabo代理:ASHYROV AGAMAMMET, an International Student Winter Olympic Volunteer of CUPB Completed His Volunteer Service and Returned to School Smoothly

On the morning of April 6, 2022, accompanied by the beautiful melody of “Snowflake”, the last batch of volunteers from CUPB to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games returned to the school where they had been away for a long time.

Nearly 400 people attended the welcoming ceremony, including President Wu Xiaolin,Vice-President Lei Yujiang, standing committee member Wen Yonghong, heads of relevant functional departments of the University, dean of colleges, the secretary of Youth League committees, heads of student work, all volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games of CUPB, and representatives of teachers and students. At the ceremony, Wu Xiaolin, Lei Yujiang and Wen Yonghong presented souvenirs to the volunteer representatives to affirm the hard work of the volunteers.


ASHYROV AGAMAMMET, a Turkmenistan undergraduate majoring in petroleum engineering, is also a member of the volunteers of the Winter Olympics of CUPB and returns to school with this batch of volunteers. During the 73 day volunteer service for the Winter Olympic Games, he experienced wind and rain, grew up, made contributions, and brought the spirit of CUPB to every corner of the Winter Olympic village. He said that this volunteer experience not only greatly improved his learning and communication skills, but also gave him a deeper understanding of the spirit of sports. In the future, he will continue to carry forward the youth responsibility of CUPB and continue to work hard in study and life!